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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Side

Dona Paula Beach

The best view  of Niagara Fall is from Canada side.  Niagara Fall is also an interntational border between USA and Canada.

The fall on Canada side is called as Horseshow fall. Horseshow fall in Canada is appr 173 feet high and 2600 feet wide. It is the width of fall that make is spectcular.  

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Niagara Falls, New York Side


Niagara Fall is one of best natural wonders of world. If you are visiting US or Canada - you must include Niagra Fall in your list.

The fall on US side is called American Fall. The american fall on US side is around 100 feet high and 1000 feet wide.

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Best Time to Visit

Niagara Falls

Both in USA and Canada the weather is better in summar from May to Sep.  July, August are best month to visit. During these month the days are bigger and visitor can enjoy the view most.  However Niagara Fall is open 365 days a year 24*7.  you can visit Niagara fall any time, any day.


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Things to do

Things to do

Boat rides on Niagra falls are open from May to Oct.  Due to winter season Nov to april boat rides are closed. is a state with a fascinating history. The state was named after England's Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I. Visitors love to explore the historic towns..

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How to reach


The nearest airport are Toronto, Ontario in Canada. On USA side the airport is Buffalo, New York. Many visitor reach to New York airport and take 7 day bus tour of east coast including Niagara Falls.

Buffalore airport is only 25 miles from Niagara falls. Ontario airport is 70 miles from Niagara falls.  You can rent a car, take shuttle to reach from airport to Niagara Falls. There are many hotels near to Niagara falls. Staying there gives you opportunity to visit Niagara falls at different times of day.

New York Tour

Vintage Car Museum

New York is economical capital of world as well as it has wonderful history.

Manhattan is famous for shopping. Empire State Building, Times Square is very famous.

Statue of Liberty and tour of Ellis Island is must.  It takes 5-8 hours. It is biggest monument in USA.  There is zoo and central park.

Museum of natural history is very famous.  There is movie "Night in the museum" is based on this museum. Children love this movie.

East Coast Tour

South Goa

Niagara Fall is on north east coast of USA. If you are visiting from outside USA you may want to visit multiple places on East coast while visting Niagara Falls. New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Aberdeen, Washington DC, Boston, 

In south East USA places to visit are Orlando, Disney world, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Maimi.  From Miami one can take cruise to Bahamas.

Canada Tour


If you are visiting Niagra Falls from Canada side then places to visit are near Otanrio, Canada , you can visit near by places such as Toronto, Montreal, Thousand Island, Ottawa and Cornin Glass center.


There are multiple placs to see in Toronto, Montreal.  There are 3,4,7 day tour available that cover Niagara falls as well as other destinations.

Niagara Fall Park

Dodhsagar falls

Colorado is known for its natural beauty, its hot-air-ballooning, and its skiing opportunities, among other things. It is very hard to find a better ski vacation destination than the state of Colorado.

USA Tour


It is the word that makes to think of great beaches. The waves tickle toes as let worries evaporate in the warm sun. For hiker there will have the luxury of trails on every one of the Hawaiian Islands.